NCT Middle East 2017

Event:NCT Middle East 2017
Type:Trade show / Expo
Dates:Nov 6 - 8, 2017
Location: Dona, Qatar
Address:W Hotel Doha
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Event Overview

NCT Middle East 2017 - leading international CBRNe event in the Middle East

NCT Middle East 2017 is the fourth edition of a leading international CBRNe event series in the Middle East. The conference and exhibition will provide visitors with high-level speeches on regional CBRNe challenges and threats, approaches and state of the art equipment from CBRNe detection to decontamination and recovery, as well as regional capability building and procurement projects. The event will provide outstanding opportunities to meet leading international experts, regional decision-makers and first responders in the field of CBRNe defence and response.

Based on the success of NCT CBRNe events in Europe, Asia and the USA, this 3-day event will face challenges and discuss novel solutions and approaches of experts from the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Caucasus. While recognizing the need for exchange of information and best practices between international decision-makers and military experts, NCT Middle East 2017 will provide the perfect platform to exchange views and novel approaches to counter this enduring threat.

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Security professionals
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Organiser: IB Consultancy
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