BuildTech Asia 2016

Event:BuildTech Asia 2016
Type:Trade show / Expo
Dates:Oct 18 - 20, 2016
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Address:Singapore EXPO
Hall 3, 4 & MAX Atria
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6th edition of BuildTech Asia

The 6th edition of BuildTech Asia is a regional trade show for the building and construction industry that addresses the challenges of building and construction across different verticals such as Construction Machinery & Equipment, Productive Technologies, Building Materials & Architectural Solutions and Quality Finishes. Dedicated to make a difference to the future of the industry, this 3-day trade event provides a platform for business professionals to showcase, share, learn and succeed in the regional built sector.

Organised by Sphere Exhibits and hosted by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore, BuildTech Asia 2016 aims to help companies in their development and growth process as they cope with the demands of an evolving industry facing a tightening of foreign workers supply and a constant elevation of acceptable standards.

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Business professionals
Event Organiser
Organiser: Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd
82 Genting Lane, Unit 03-09
SPH Media Centre

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