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Ziamatic BAC-6 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic BAC-6
Ziamatic BAC-6 - Bottle carrier: easily move up to 6 air cylinders at one time.
Ziamatic BAC-6-W Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic BAC-6-W
Ziamatic BAC-6 - wire bottle carrier: easily move up to 6 air cylinders at one time
Ziamatic BT-10 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic BT-10
Ziamatic BT-10 - 10 oz, 10 ft x 8 ft bottle tarp - keeps SCBA tanks organized
Ziamatic CB-CS Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CB-CS
Ziamatic CB-CS-Cribbing bag with carrying strap. Ideal for transporting cribbing to the accident scene.
Ziamatic CDH-14 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CDH-14
Ziamatic CDH-14-Quic-Mount Cordless Drill Holder. Holds the drill securely and is easily released. Holds most standard 14v drill guns. Outside dimensions:5-7/16" x 4-27/32" x 2-3/4 Inside Dimensions: 5" x 3-1/2" x 2-3/4".
Ziamatic CL .25 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CL .25
Ziamatic CL .25-QUIC-MOUNT flex 1/16 inch.
Ziamatic CL 1.50 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CL 1.50
Ziamatic CL 1.50-QUIC-MOUNT Tool Clips. Designed to flex 1/16 inch.
Ziamatic CL 2.00 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CL 2.00
Ziamatic CL 2.00-QUIC-MOUNT pvc coated steel spring clip, Easy to apply to any surface.
Ziamatic CL1.00 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CL1.00
Ziamatic CL1.00-QUIC-MOUNT are black PVC coated carbon steel, flex 1/16 inch or .0625 inch.
Ziamatic CLPR-175-B Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CLPR-175-B
Ziamatic CLPR-175-B - 1.75 inch D and an expansion range of 1-5/8 inch to 1-7/8 inch.
Ziamatic CLPR-200-B Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic CLPR-200-B
Ziamatic CLPR-200-B-QUIC-MOUNT Tool Clips. 2.00" heavy duty thermoplastic spring clips, 2.00 inch D and an expansion range of 1-7/8 inch to 2-1/8 inch.
Ziamatic H-AB Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic H-AB
Ziamatic H-AB-Axe holder - painted: This axe holer protects the blade as well as personnel during transport.
Ziamatic QM-CSM-L Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-CSM-L
Ziamatic QM-CSM-L-Chain saw mount - large: Mount chains saws, abrasive cut-offs saws and other gasoline engine tools.
Download Ziamatic QM-CSM-L  datasheet
Ziamatic QM-CSM-S Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-CSM-S
Ziamatic QM-CSM-S-Chain saw mount - small. Available in two sizes.
Download Ziamatic QM-CSM-S  datasheet
Ziamatic QM-CWH Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-CWH
Ziamatic QM-CWH-Ceiling & wall tool holder: Cast aluminum mounting plate holds ceiling and wall style tools in vertical position.
Ziamatic QM-ECH-1 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-ECH-1
Ziamatic QM-ECH-1-QUIC-Mount Electrical Cord Holder. It can be mounted to any flat surface. 4-3/4 inch x 3-3/4 inch x 3-1/2 inch
Ziamatic QM-ET-C Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-ET-C
Ziamatic QM-ET-C extrication tool holder for tools with cutters
Download Ziamatic QM-ET-C  datasheet
Ziamatic QM-ET-H Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-ET-H
Ziamatic QM-ET-H horizontal extrication tool holder
Ziamatic QM-ET-J Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-ET-J
Ziamatic QM-ET-J extrication tool holder for tools with spreader jaws
Download Ziamatic QM-ET-J  datasheet
Ziamatic QM-PG-1 Rescue/RIT AccessoriesZiamatic QM-PG-1
Ziamatic QM-PG-1-Quic-Mount Portable Generator Mount, The mount can hold up to 20 inch x 11-3/8 inch generator.
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