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Ziamatic UHH-1 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic UHH-1
The UHH-1 - Ziamatic's NFPA-1901 Compliant Universal Helmet Holder
Ziamatic 2VN-RZ PPE AccessoriesZiamatic 2VN-RZ
Ziamatic 2VN-RZ - Protect breathing apparatus from dust and tampering, Each cover has a built-in pocket for mask storage
Ziamatic 2VN-YV PPE AccessoriesZiamatic 2VN-YV
Ziamatic 2VN-YV - Protect breathing apparatus,Cover material is vinyl with heavy duty Velcro closure
Ziamatic CB-10 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CB-10
Ziamatic CB-10 - Canvas utility bag Model CB-10 is constructed of #10 15-oz, measures 6 inch x 12 inch x 13 inch high.
Ziamatic CB-4 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CB-4
Ziamatic CB-4-Canvas utility bag is double layer bottom and long fabric carrying handles.
Ziamatic CRS PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CRS
Ziamatic CRS - Prevent injuries before they happen
Download Ziamatic CRS  datasheet
Ziamatic CRS-180 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CRS-180
Ziamatic CRS-180 - CRS for Bostrom seat: Prevent injuries before they happen
Download Ziamatic CRS-180  datasheet
Ziamatic CRS-185 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CRS-185
Ziamatic CRS-185 - Prevent injuries before they happen, Keep SCBA locked securely in place with the CRS collision restraint strap
Download Ziamatic CRS-185  datasheet
Ziamatic CRS/RA PPE AccessoriesZiamatic CRS/RA
Ziamatic CRS/RA - CRS with release assist: Prevent injuries before they happen, easily installed on any WALKAWAY bracket
Ziamatic DACC-N-5 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic DACC-N-5
Ziamatic DACC-N-5 - Carrier for 5.3 to 5.8 inch cylinder: Holds two self-contained breathing apparatus cylinders.
Ziamatic DACC-N-6-PHS PPE AccessoriesZiamatic DACC-N-6-PHS
Ziamatic DACC-N-6-PHS - Carrier for 6.1 to 6.9 inch cylinder with PHS strap
Ziamatic DACC-N-7-PHS PPE AccessoriesZiamatic DACC-N-7-PHS
Ziamatic DACC-N-7-PHS - Carrier for 7.1 to 7.4 inch cylinder with PHS strap, Large hand grip
Ziamatic DEB PPE AccessoriesZiamatic DEB
Ziamatic DEB-Disposable Emergency Blanket retains heat and repels water. These economical 60inch x 90inch blankets are designed to be used once and thrown away eliminating cost of retrieval and dry cleaning.
Ziamatic EZO PPE AccessoriesZiamatic EZO
Ziamatic EZO-The kit includes the EZO strap, release assembly, and mounting hardware. The EZO provides everything necessary to change a ULLH into a ULLH-EZO.
Download Ziamatic EZO  datasheet
Ziamatic EZO-CC PPE AccessoriesZiamatic EZO-CC
Ziamatic EZO-CC-Conversion kit to convert spring clip bracket to KD-ULLH-EZO. The kit includes the EZO strap, release assembly, and mounting hardware, and seats.
Download Ziamatic EZO-CC  datasheet
Ziamatic EZO-CC-ES PPE AccessoriesZiamatic EZO-CC-ES
Ziamatic EZO-CC-ES-Conversion kit to convert spring clip bracket to KD-ULLH-EZO-ES.
Download Ziamatic EZO-CC-ES  datasheet
Ziamatic FH-5 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic FH-5
Ziamatic FH-5 - 5.3 inch to 5.8 inch full high cycle clip
Download Ziamatic FH-5  datasheet
Ziamatic FHT PPE AccessoriesZiamatic FHT
Ziamatic FHT - Folding Hand Truck: ideal for moving large diameter hose. 25 inch H unit to store, and 14 inch square platform
Ziamatic H-6 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic H-6
Ziamatic H-6 - 6.1 inch to 6.9 inch high cycle spring clip
Download Ziamatic H-6  datasheet
Ziamatic MC-66 PPE AccessoriesZiamatic MC-66
Ziamatic MC-66 - Multi-carry strap, 66 inch L with snap hooks
Download Ziamatic MC-66  datasheet
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