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Ziamatic DCM Fire CabinetZiamatic DCM
Ziamatic DCM- QUIC-ACCESS Metal Defibrillator Cabinet. Keep your AED protected and organized on any apparatus. Outside dimension: 12-3/8inch x 16-5/16inch x 5-1/8inch.
Ziamatic DCP Fire CabinetZiamatic DCP
Ziamatic DCP-QUIC-ACCESS Plastic Defibrillator cabinet. Constructed of UV stabilized ABS, this box can withstand the elements both inside and outdoors. Outside dimensions: 16inch x 17.5inch x 11.5inch. Inside dimensions: 12inch x 9.5inch x 9.5inch.
Molded Plastic
Ziamatic ESCBA-1 Fire CabinetZiamatic ESCBA-1
Ziamatic ESCBA-1 wall cabinets
Ziamatic FECR Fire CabinetZiamatic FECR
Ziamatic FECR
Fire Extinguishers, Tamper Proof, Molded Plastic
Ziamatic MMWC-1 Fire CabinetZiamatic MMWC-1
Ziamatic MMWC-1
SCBA, Openable, Molded Plastic
Ziamatic MMWC-2 Fire CabinetZiamatic MMWC-2
Ziamatic MMWC-2
SCBA, Openable, Molded Plastic
Ziamatic WC-1-LL Fire CabinetZiamatic WC-1-LL
Ziamatic WC-1-LL
SCBA, Tamper Proof, Metal
Ziamatic WC-1-LL-LW Fire CabinetZiamatic WC-1-LL-LW
Ziamatic WC-1-LL-LW
SCBA, Tamper Proof, Metal
Ziamatic WC-1-LW Fire CabinetZiamatic WC-1-LW
Ziamatic WC-1-LW
SCBA, Tamper Proof, Metal
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