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Bristol Fire Apparel Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Bristol Fire EngineeringApparatus and Equipment AccessoriesUnited Arab Emirates 
British Security Specialists Middle EastDetectorsUnited Arab Emirates 
BrixworkwearBootsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Broadwood LimitedPPE AccessoriesHong Kong 
Broco Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Brookdale (a DuPont Canada Company)Canada 
BRT Fire and RescueNozzlesAustralia 
Bruce Odle & AssociatesUnited States of America (USA) 
Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd.Australia 
BT RedcareFire Station Equipment AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Buck Knives Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Bucom, Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Buddy LightUnited States of America (USA) 
Bull Products LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
BullEx Digital SafetyTraining EquipmentUnited States of America (USA) 
Bulwark Protective ApparelUnited States of America (USA) 
Bumar-Koszalin S.AVehiclesPoland 
Bumperchute Co.United States of America (USA) 
Burch Mfg. Co. Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Bursan.Tüm Haklar SakldrExtinguishersTurkey 
Butyl Products LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
bvbf Bundesverband Brandschutz-Fachbetriebe e.V.Fire Suppression System AccessoriesGermany 
bvfa - Bundesverband Technischer Brandschutz e.V.Fire Suppression System AccessoriesGermany 
BW TechnologiesDetectorsCanada 
C & C Emergency EquipmentUnited States of America (USA) 
C&S Supply Inc.United States of America (USA) 
C-TEC (Computionics) LtdFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
C. Miesen GmbH & Co. KGVehiclesGermany 
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