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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Delta Fire LtdNozzlesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Devon & Cornwall Fire Protection LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
EFT Systems LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Emergency Command SystemUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Erico, Inc.Training EquipmentUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Fame Commercials LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Fire Instructor Training Products Limited (FITP)United Kingdom (UK) 
FireEngines4Sale LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
FireMartExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Griffin FireUnited Kingdom (UK) 
HESIS Fire and SecurityTraining EquipmentUnited Kingdom (UK) 
InitsysApparatus and Equipment AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
KAC Alarm Company LtdRescue/RIT AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Perren EngineeringCo2 SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Process Combustion LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Samuel Heath & Sons PlcFire Station Equipment AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
SimulationTraining EquipmentUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Transitional Fire LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
TratosFire Station Equipment AccessoriesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Unique FireCo2 SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
VectorCommand LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
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