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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Albion Fire and SecurityUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Amerex Fire International LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Angus SprinklerUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Argus FireUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Canon Fire ProtectionUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Devon & Cornwall Fire Protection LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
EvanderClean Agent SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Fike Protection Systems, LtdClean Agent SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Fire Protection Coatings LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Firepro Systems LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Gloria UKUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Kidde Fire ProtectionClean Agent SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
SSAIBDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Unique FireCo2 SystemsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
WAGNER UK LimitedExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
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