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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Adec Marine LimitedUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Angus FireUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Ardent LtdCo2 SystemsWestern Europe 
Butyl Products LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Canon Fire ProtectionUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Cherry Parts LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Dawn Fire LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Delta Fire LtdNozzlesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
FireEngines4Sale LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Gloria UKUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Hosiden Besson LtdDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Hy-Ram Engineering LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Patol Fire Detection SolutionsDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Polymer Products (UK) LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Premier Hose TechnologiesHosesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Ralco Tubings LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Resmar LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Richards Hose Ltd.United Kingdom (UK) 
Tyco Fire Suppression & BuildingDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Walter FrankUnited Kingdom (UK) 
William Eagles LimitedUnited Kingdom (UK) 
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