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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Lloret Fire & SecurityDetectorsUnited Kingdom (UK) 
LMA North America Inc.United States of America (USA) 
LMR Communications LtdCanada 
Lock Doctors LLCToolsUnited States of America (USA) 
Lockheed MartinLightsUnited States of America (USA) 
LockJockeyUnited States of America (USA) 
Locution Systems, Inc.Fire Station Equipment AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Logitech Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.,Fire Suppression System AccessoriesIndia 
London Fire & Safety LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
London Fire BrigadeTraining EquipmentUnited Kingdom (UK) 
lonsealFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Lor Manufacturing Company, Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Lorient Polyproducts LtdUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Los Angeles Fire DepartmentVehiclesUnited States of America (USA) 
Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)United States of America (USA) 
Los Angeles Firemen's Credit UnionUnited States of America (USA) 
Losberger US, LLCApparatus and Equipment AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue ServiceUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Loudoun County Fire, Rescue and EMSFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Loughlin EnterprisesUnited States of America (USA) 
Louis Secure Industrial LtdFire SprinklersChina 
Louis STEITZ SECURA GmbH + Co. KGBootsGermany 
Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association (LLSSA)Training EquipmentUnited States of America (USA) 
Louisiana State UniversityUnited States of America (USA) 
Louisiana Voluntary Organizations Active in DisasterRescue/RIT AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
LPG firefighting techniques, SAClean Agent SystemsSpain 
LSH LightsUnited States of America (USA) 
Lucas County Department of Emergency ServicesRescue/RIT AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Ludo McGurk Transport EquipmentVehiclesUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Luitpold Schott Armaturenfabrik GmbHNozzlesGermany 
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