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Company NamePrimary product areaPrimary geographical coverage 
Verde Environmental, Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Verein der Brandschutzbeauftragten in Deutschland e.V.Fire Suppression System AccessoriesGermany 
Veridian LimitedUnited States of America (USA) 
Verint SystemsApparatus and Equipment AccessoriesWestern Europe 
Verizon Wireless Paging Sol.United States of America (USA) 
Vernon Software Systems, Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Vertex Standard USAUnited States of America (USA) 
Vetter GmbHUnited States of America (USA) 
VF Imagewear - Horace Small StationwearUnited States of America (USA) 
VFDFundingUnited States of America (USA) 
VFISTraining EquipmentUnited States of America (USA) 
VGS Grooved Piping SystemFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Victaulic CompanyUnited States of America (USA) 
Vigilant Hose CompanyTraining EquipmentUnited States of America (USA) 
Viking Corporation 
Viking Fabrication ServicesRescue/RIT AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Viking Group Inc.ExtinguishersUnited States of America (USA) 
VIKING Life - Saving Equipment A / STurnout/Bunker GearDenmark 
Viking PlasticsFire SprinklersUnited States of America (USA) 
Viking Special SystemsFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Viking SupplyNetFire SprinklersUnited States of America (USA) 
Vimpex LtdWarning Lights & SirensUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Vipond Fire Protection, LtdExtinguishersUnited Kingdom (UK) 
Virginia Beach Fire DepartmentFire Suppression System AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Virotec RohrtechnikGermany 
Vision Fire & Security 
Vision Marketing Passport SystemApparatus and Equipment AccessoriesUnited States of America (USA) 
Vision-Elec. Technology Co. Ltd.DetectorsTaiwan 
Visiplex, Inc.United States of America (USA) 
Visual PurpleUnited States of America (USA) 
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